We only serve fish caught on the day. Same-day delivery available.

The Seafood Market Grill by Adam

After eight years of steady success with Adam’s Fish Shop, in 2020 Chef Adam Demanuele re-entered the world of fine dining by launching an exquisite new restaurant in Gzira, The Seafood Market Grill by Adam. This was a much-anticipated venture by his loyal fish shop clients, who over the years had frequently voiced their desire to experience a seafood meal prepared by Chef Demanuele himself. Much more than just another restaurant, The Seafood Market Grill by Adam quickly triumphed over the industry with innovative approaches and sublime dishes. Specialising solely in fish and exclusively imported seafood items, this seafood gem in the heart of Gzira has become the go-to restaurant for seafood lovers and one of the best seafood restaurants in Europe!  

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